About Mason Roberts

Mason Roberts is an Australian figure painter and muralist. He began painting as a way of conceptualising scenarios from his vivid imagination. “I’m an impulsive creator. As I work the narratives behind my paintings write themselves.”

Trained as a Graphic Designer, Roberts works are best known for their bold compositions and exploration of the female form. They’re often depicted by blending reality with fantasy, resulting in harmonious totality.


“Occupying the borderlands between reality and fantasy.”

mr.masonroberts_49701234_2335402116694864_3068573798351797691_n (1).jpg

Occupying the borderlands between reality and fantasy, Roberts mixed media drawings, paintings, and murals are impulsively created, manifest of the instinctual hand of a talented draftsman grappling with what is directly in front of him.

An amalgam of the representational and the fantastical, Roberts evocative female portraits suggest a sense of intimacy between the artist and the work he creates. The confident lines, decorative aesthetics, and preoccupation with details, at once recognisably real yet heavily stylised, displaying both sheer physicality and pure sensuality.