Mason Roberts

Mason Roberts is an Australian figure painter and muralist. He began painting as a way of conceptualising scenarios from his vivid imagination. "Im an impulsive creator. As I work the narratives behind my paintings write themselves". Trained as a Graphic Designer, Roberts works are best known for their bold compositions and exploration of the female form. The subjects of his works are described as ‘perfect girls in an imperfect world’. They’re often depicted by blending reality with fantasy, resulting in harmonious totality.


StirlinG Caiulo

Stirling is an Australian recording artist and producer blending lo-fi, atmospheric and melodic hip-hop. ‘Its music to drive alone at night to.’ He explores mental fragility by relying on fragmented memories and deciphered interactions . Vivid snapshots of experiences, void of context, are often repeated throughout his music. This style of delivery aids in building a nostalgic dreamscape full of intimate and sprawling haziness. His first EP ‘When Gravity Fails’ is set for release in Oct 2018.

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